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No Candy for Obama Kids: My Letter to the Halloween Scrooge

Michigan Republican delegate, Shirley Nagel, denied candy to small children of Obama supporters Halloween night, while using the holiday as a means to campaign–to kids.

Dear Shirley Nagel,

I recently viewed the news clip in which you are interviewed for not giving Halloween candy to children of Obama supporters. In light of that interview, I must say that you are an unmitigated pig.

Shirley Nagel, Michigan Delegate and all-around mean person.

Shirley Nagel, Michigan Delegate and all-around mean person.

When told that you are making small chidren cry, you reply, “Oh well”. Congratulations. You have just demonstrated that you should not be allowed around small children, ever.

I do hope that you don’t affiliate yourself with the Christian right, because, if so, you’d have to be the most sorry example of Christianity I have ever had the misfortune to lay eyes on. Christianity does not teach selfishness. It does not teach cruelty to innocent children. It does not teach you to make an ass of yourself at every opportunity. Shame on you.

Why the hell would you hold children to a political affiliation? Are you that petty? Wait–don’t answer. You have already demonstrated that, indeed, you are.

Perhaps, in that tiny, shriveled-by-meanness  brain you have, you do not realize exactly what you have done. You have, in fact, guaranteed that quite a few children now associate your chosen candidates, and most likely your chosen party, with evil, nasty, vile behavior. You have guaranteed that they will carry this association into their adulthood. You have suceeded in eventually increasing the ranks of those that oppose people like you, and with your views/associations, foolish creature that you are. Ruminate on that for awhile, if you will.

And in the meantime, consider trying to become a decent human being.

You betcha I’m sincere,