The Vine’s Top 40 November 5th, 2008 U.S. Presidential Election Newspaper Covers

  1. Birmingham, Alabama

    Birmingham, Alabama

  2. Buenos Aires, Argentina

    Buenos Aires, Argentina

  3. Brisbane, Australia

    Brisbane, Australia

  4. Brussels, Belgium

    Brussels, Belgium

  5. Sao Paulo, Brazil

    Sao Paulo, Brazil

  6. Los Angeles, CA

    Los Angeles, CA

  7. Vancouver, Canada

    Vancouver, Canada

  8. Toronto, Canada

    Toronto, Canada

  9. Winnipeg, Canada

    Winnipeg, Canada

  10. Shanghai, China

    Shanghai, China

  11. Denver, CO

    Denver, CO

  12. Prague, Czech Republic

    Prague, Czech Republic

  13. Washington, DC

    Washington, DC

  14. Cuito, Ecuador

    Cuito, Ecuador

  15. St. Petersburg, FL

    St. Petersburg, FL

  16. Paris, France

    Paris, France

  17. Macon, GA

    Macon, GA

  18. Sioux City, IA

    Sioux City, IA

  19. Chicago, IL

    Chicago, IL

  20. Calcutta, India

    Calcutta, India

  21. Cork, Ireland

    Cork, Ireland

  22. Torino, Italy

    Torino, Italy

  23. New Orleans, LA

    New Orleans, LA

  24. Beirut, Lebanon

    Beirut, Lebanon

  25. Baltimore, MD

    Baltimore, MD

  26. Asheville, NC

    Asheville, NC

  27. Raleigh, NC

    Raleigh, NC

  28. Las Vegas, NV

    Las Vegas, NV

  29. New York, NY

    New York, NY

  30. Philadelphia, PA

    Philadelphia, PA

  31. Porto, Portugal

    Porto, Portugal

  32. Johannesburg, South Africa

    Johannesburg, South Africa

  33. Columbia, SC

    Columbia, SC

  34. Madrid, Spain

    Madrid, Spain

  35. Taipei, Taiwan

    Taipei, Taiwan

  36. Mcallen, TX

    Mcallen, TX

  37. Dubai, United Arab Emirates

    Dubai, United Arab Emirates

  38. Staunton, VA

    Staunton, VA

  39. Caracas, Venezuela

    Caracas, Venezuela

  40. Milwaukee, WI

    Milwaukee, WI


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