The Carnival of Political Humor and Commentary Issue #2: The Sarah Palin Comedy Special

Welcome to Issue #2 of the Carnival of Political Humor and Commentary! This issue is devoted to the Political Queen of Gaffes, Sarah Palin, and we have some great articles to tickle your funny bone, make you think, and scare the pants off you at the thought of the country in her gun-totin’, moose skinnin’ hands.

The Lyin’, the Witch, and The Wardrobe–An Alaskan Tale

Mudflats has written one of the best metaphorical articles on the subject I have seen, served up with a heaping helping of well written wit. An excellent read for the Halloween season, as it is a bone-chilling comparison to current Palin-tics. Excerpt:

“Even though she’s wearing a $3000 polar bear fur jacket and $400 designer snow boots, under all that, she’s really just like us.

Palin Launches Flea Market Tour

Absolutely hilarious, must-read satirical depiction of Ms. Palin’s campaign to be ‘just like us’, by diggityK. Excerpt:

“In her latest attempt to portray herself as a “real American” hockey mom who supports average joes such as Six Pack and the Plumber, Governor Palin is now bargain hunting with the masses.”

Sarah Palin and Those Alaskan Thrift Store Jeans

4WRD THNKN Dad brings us a short but amusing article on Sarah Palin’s latest fashion choice. Excerpt:

“She divorced herself from the $150,000 wardrobe and put on some Alaskan thrift store jeans. Now the hunt will be on to find out who was the original owner of the jeans.”

Palin Sorta Like the 4 Yorkshire Men

Another short but funny bit, citing Monty Python’s Flying Circus, on the Palin Clothing Fiasco ’08, by Politicalamity.

Palin’s Wardrobe Saga…Can We Vote Now?

The Backchannel Blog brings us another clever commentary on the much talked about clothing of the republican VP pick. Excerpt:

At this point, criticizing Sarah Palin is like beating a dead moose.”

And that’s it for this issue. Happy reading!


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4 responses to “The Carnival of Political Humor and Commentary Issue #2: The Sarah Palin Comedy Special

  1. Thanks for the link! As much as I want them to be sent back to Alaska, I will miss the Palins so if/when Obama wins…

  2. I will too, oddly enough. At the very least, they’ve helped to make politics entertaining. 🙂

  3. Sadly, this country has a few more Sarah Palins in some laid-away closet, waiting for that annoying misquito to buzz by and carry them to fame. The day she returns to alaska for her comeuppance cannot come soon enough.

  4. If segments of the American people believed that a blue blood son of a president like George W. Bush was just like them because he did photo ops on his ranch and talked like an idiot, I’m afraid it’ll take more than a hundred and a half grand in clothes to convince them that they won’t run into Sarah Palin at WalMat.

    Thanks for the laughs.

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