Sarah Palin in Asheville: A Redneck Woman, Spin, and the Same Old Thing All Over Again

Sarah Palin appeared in the Civic Center in Asheville, North Carolina tonight–my hometown–for a rally with a crowd of 11,000 people (less than half the attendance of Obama’s rally in Asheville earlier this month, which attracted 28,000 supporters). There were a couple hundred protesters outside the event, carrying signs and exchanging shouts with the crowd, but no violence, although reports are that a couple of isolated shoving matches did occur. No word as to who started what or why. A few protesters were also escorted from the inside of the Civic Center shortly after the doors opened. Some protesters said they were enraged by a “KKK for Palin” sign displayed in a window near the venue.

Palin entered the event wearing jeans and a blouse, singing along with Gretchen Wilson to the song “Redneck Woman”, which she has apparently adopted as ‘her’ song. The irony of this is a mind blowing thing, especially if you consider the lyrics:

“Victoria’s Secret, well their stuff’s real nice
Oh, But I can buy the same damn thing on a Wal-Mart shelf half price
And still look sexy, just as sexy as those models on TV
No I don’t need no designer tag to make my man want me”

Maybe not your man, Sarah, but I guess you think you need those designer tags to court the American people. Lovely. And how nice of you to condescend to us hillbilly folk by ‘dressing down’, because, of course, a pair of jeans is all it takes to convince us that you’re just like us.

The crowd inside appeared festive, occasionally breaking out into the expected chants of “Sarah!” and “USA!”

Palin’s speech was nothing new–basically the same tired stump speech, complete with the usual negative attacks aimed at Obama. No surprises, really. However, I will share a few of Palin’s words with you, along with my thoughts on what she had to say.

“And that means harvesting alternative sources, like wind, and solar, and biomass…geothermal…those sources that God has so richly blessed this land with…and we will develop clean coal technology…and we will drill for the billions of barrels of oil we have underground–we’ll drill here, and drill now!” –Sarah Palin

I don’t know about anyone else, but it sickens me a little bit to hear the ‘drill baby drill’ chant. It’s as if focus is not really on alternative fuel sources that might truly help us along to energy independence–as if she’s just giving those things a quick lip service on her way to her true obective: big (American) oil, and our best interests (and the environment) be damned. It also bugs me that she seems to think that Good is rooting for us to process crude. WTF? Surely He has purer things to support than whether or not we get to rape wildlife preserves to make the next big magnate a billionaire.

“We will drill, baby, drill and mine, baby, mine.” –Sarah Palin

Excuse me while I vomit. Are people really buying into this crap?

“We need a leader with experience and good judgment, and truthfulness and courage. North Carolina, we need that leader who is ready on day one because we are a nation at war, and we need someone who talks about the wars that America is fighting and isn’t afraid to use the word ‘victory’.” –Sarah Palin

  • Good judgment? I don’t think so, Sarah. After all, our faith in McCain’s good judgment was destroyed the day he picked you to become his running mate.
  • Truthfulness? Hardly. One only has to look at the lies, half-truths, and spin produced on this campaign to know better. Then there is also the fact that we are dealing with a womanizer, an adulterer, a man who misrepresents his own record, and, of course, a man who has dealings such as the Keating 5 and the Libby fiasco to discredit him. Barring that, how about his lies calling Obama’s market run health plan a socialist government-run health system? How about his claims that Obama opposes offshore oil-drilling and building new nuclear-power plants, when 38,000,000 Americans clearly heard Obama say he was open to both? Or even the smears, innuendo, and less than truthful dirty politics he has used against his opponent? Should we simply overlook those things and call McCain an honest man just because you said so in your perky, country ensemble?
  • Oh hell. Here comes the drumming up of the pseudo-patriotic fervor by invoking the war–a war, I might add, that was built on lies. Notice that Sarah mentions ‘wars’ in the plural sense. Yes, Sarah–we are spending billions on fighting wars while our own people hover on the brink of financial ruin. Nice of you to imply that McCain and yourself intend to continue the fighting until the bitter end, while many of us wind up on the street. Lets ignore the fact that the majority of the people you claim to represent are opposed to this war. That just wouldn’t fit into your handy-dandy rhetoric, would it? And one of your own children are fighting that war–what the hell are you thinking? Or maybe you don’t think of that so much,–and forgive me for saying so, as I believe the child is simply an unfortunate victim of his upbringing–since the child in question is a potential embarrassment to the wholesome, down-home super-mom image you’ve worked so hard to maintain.

“It’s a close race, and it’s gonna come down to what we believe in, and what John McCain and I believe in is what Ronald Reagan believed in.” –Sarah Palin

And what is that, Sarah? Iran-Contra? Creating another Taliban? Leaving us with an even larger deficit? Trickle Down Economics? Medicaid cuts? Withdrawing funding from federal education programs? Reducing funding for the Environmental Protection Agency? Helping create a new Savings and Loan Crisis? Helping create another stock market crash? Raising the national debt by billions? Recreating the Cold War? Having another ‘agressive, imperialistic, and warmongering’ foreign policy? Sounds like more of the same to me–and more of the same that began this mess in the first place, even before Papa Bush came along and asked us to read his lips, then lied to us about no new taxes.

But at least she finally had the sense to admit that it is, indeed, a ‘close’ race.

“Those of you who run our factories, and grow our food, and teach our children, and who fight our wars–this is where the courage and the goodness, the best of America is. It’s in these areas where you love…you have never been not proud to be an American. You are proud to be an American.” –Sarah Palin

  • Here we go again. Trying to single out who is a proud American and who is not, based on whether or not you support her ticket, I suppose. She came dangerously close to implying that many of us hate America, but managed to catch herself at the last moment. Very telling of your mindset, Sarah. Very telling about what we might face if your ticket is elected to office–perhaps a few McCarthy-esque witch hunts to ferret out which ones of us you don’t deem patriotic enough? Is Asheville ‘real’ America, Sarah? If you lose this state, will you deem us to be ‘fake’ America, and punish us accordingly? How hypocritical of you, as if that were something new, considering that your ‘real America’ consists of ties to a party that wants to wash its hands of America, by whatever means necessary.
  • If the blue collar workers, the farmers, the teachers are the best of America, why are you opposed to the pittance tax cuts that Obama has offered us? Could it be that you are just preaching to the crowd what the crowd wants to hear, or are you so ignorant that you don’t understand the issues, either?

“I do thank God that we have a man who is ready and worthy to lead, a man who inspires us with heroic and trustworthy deeds, not just words.” –Sarah Palin

Again, like Libby? Like Keating? Like the way he treated his first wife in his hurry to run off with his heiress? Those kinds of trustworthy deeds?

Yeah, you probably guessed it. It was just another evening of the same old, tired, hackneyed lines that the republican candidates have been feeding us for the last 20 years. No more of the same. Bring us change, and save our country. No to McCain/Palin 2008.

Palin left to the tune of, “Rock This Town”. Hopefully she wont rock us anymore than we already have been–I don’t think we can handle it. We’re rocked enough already, thanks to the policies of politicians just like her.


6 responses to “Sarah Palin in Asheville: A Redneck Woman, Spin, and the Same Old Thing All Over Again

  1. The protestors there, were almost all (95%) completely, LOUD, IDIOTS with filthy dirty signs. The true filth of Asheville was out and about Sunday Night! Sex posters of McCain and Palin, bleeding animal posters, juggling, chanting weird hippie crap, mardi gras type partiers that looked as though they were up for days, druggies, BEGGERS…really aggressive beggers! It is supposed to be illegal in Asheville! Ha! Yeah sure it is…… The Chief Hogan had 7 cops for 10,000 people. The 10,000 people were left outside for 3 hours! All the while the freaks of Asheville were taunting, surrounding, and trying to antagonize the Sarah Palin supporters.

    Sarah did not have a black top on. She had Jeans, a white top and a black suit type jacket. It was her 3rd campaign of the day, late at night. Why do you idiots left winder give a rip what she wears? IS that all you got? Can’t discuss the issues?

    So ignorant. Soft typical of leties. Go ahead, try to get the Messiah Obama in! Good luck. Not happening! He is going to socialize us… why can’t you see that? He even says he is going to.
    He is going to throw you lefties some crumbs, and then tell you to shut up, be happy, and stay DOWN. Like dogs. And you are going for it!

    What is up with the infomerical last night? That LARGE family he had on? She had acrylic nails..they cost a good buck to keep up every week. She was whinign about buying milk! Her kids have free lunch and breakfast at school, she has programs she can utilize. He is trying to make it look like he will give the programs and handouts. HEY..GUESS WHAT! ?? We already have the programs. That whole charade with that family was bogus crap.

    Keep drinking the kool aid!
    His own Aunt, was evicted and had to go to public housing this week. Whats up with that? His brother lives in a hut, his aunt was on the street this week. Oh, and what is up with Hawaii-Grandma? Is she ok or not? Funny, he was in the court system while he was there…SEALING his birth record files!
    Did you know that?

    And finally, NOW we find out he is friends with A Palestinian radical. Barack Obama funneled thousands of dollars of cash to Rashidi’s anti-Israel Foundation through his work on the Woods Fund.

    In 2000, Rashid Khalidi, a former PLO operative who justified Palestinian terrorism as contributing to “political enlightenment,” threw a fundraiser for his friend Barack Obama

    So, the LA Times has video of Obama attending a Jew bash and toasting a radical former PLO operative, and they are not sharing it with the public. I think we all know they would immediately release the tape if it were Sarah Palin making the toast.
    In Chicago, the Khalidis founded the Arab American Action Network, and Mona Khalidi served as its president. A big farewell dinner was held in their honor by AAAN with a commemorative book filled with testimonials from their friends and political allies. These included the left wing anti-war group Not In My Name, the Electronic Intifada, and the ex-Weatherman domestic terrorists Bernadine Dohrn and Bill Ayers. (There were also testimonials from then-state Senator Barack Obama and the mayor of Chicago.)

    Wake up…. smell the damn STINK. He is going to create Class Warfare. Socialism.

    Go online NOW and read the Constitution. Then, recite the pledge of allegiance to yourself.

  2. @Jase: Have you been checked for distemper or rabies? You seem to be frothing at the mouth a bit. 🙂

    Really, though, I did not see what you claim to see with the protesters, nor was any of your account reported on any local news agency covering the event or the protest. Reading your vitriol, however, I am overtaken by an overwhelming sense of irony.

    Thanks for commenting. 😉

  3. Irony?
    How about truth?
    You have no comments on teh issues I brought up.
    So typical. Is it too much for you to handle?
    Yes, I have had my shots…and I have a coupon for you to get a discount on yours.

    The KKK was started by the democrats, as a a way to terrorize them after being released from slavery. I did not see the sign so therei s a good chance you are wrong, since you were not there.!

    Your side had filthy posters of sexual itercourse, bleeding animals, violent statements, etc…

    Get a real life. Would ya?

  4. The ‘KKK for Palin’ sign is shown on WLOS/WRAL’s coverage of the event. You may view it there.

    I’m sorry, I don’t know whether to be amused or appalled at your post. I do appreciate the second helping of bitter diatribe, however.

    Thanks again for commenting. Have a nice day. 😉

  5. Why can’t you comment on the issues I raised.
    And, were you there? Do you often write about things, leading people to believe that you had an actual experience, when in fact you did not?
    I was there. Were you there?

    Your use of the English language is not impressive. You are hiding behind rhetoric…gee so is Obama! Care to comment on the issues? Oh, come on…

    Do you really thing you don’t sound bitter in your posts about Palin? Your whole story is bitter, and shameful.

  6. Graced with one more, I see. You seem a little obsessed with my blog post.

    Thank you for commenting. 😉

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