Jon Stewart Stumped Over McCain’s Stump Speech

I loved last night’s episode of the Daily Show (October 14) featuring Al Fleischer. It was absolutely hilarious, and made quite a few excellent points–the most important of those being, surprisingly enough, not about the candidates, but about the flaws in the reporting of some of the major news agencies, the most notable being, once again, Fox News, who doesn’t seem to notice that McCain’s new stump speech isn’t that new at all, but an almost verbatim repetition of his speech during the primaries. Fox news might not have called McCain on it, but the Daily Show did, and that’s one of the many reasons that Jon Stewart rocks my socks. Here are some of the more notable (and laugh-worthy) quotes from the show:

“For them to put up with trickle down economics, for eight years being told, “Hey man–don’t worry, stay there–it’s going to get wet soon”, and it never gets wet, what if somebody new comes in and goes, “Make it rain, biatch!” You know what I mean?”
–Jon Stewart

“There’s a point where your excitement over the monster you’ve created coming to life damps down a little bit. It’s usually around the time when that monster starts breaking all the shit in your lab.” –Jon Stewart

“I don’t want to say, ‘How do you put lipstick on that pig,’ because obviously that’s sexist, so let’s try something slightly a bit different. How do you perfume this turd?” –Jon Stewart

“He [McCain] made the argument that it was all about experience, that Barack Obama was dangerously inexperienced, and then he picks Sarah Palin, who is, I guess, intriguingly inexperienced.” –Jon Stewart

Funny, funny stuff. If you want to watch the episode in its entirety, you can do so here.


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